small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) "drones" ~ or ~ "Manned" Aircraft


All American Drone Services provides both flight and ground instruction for either sUAS or manned aircraft. AADS emphasis in this market is unmanned instruction to prepare either hobbyists or future FAA licensed commercial remote pilots to fly safely and proficiently while understanding Part 107 or Part 91, FAA Regulations.

With training, flying sUAS unmanned aircraft is easily acquired fun!
fly sUAS
Training to fly sUAS can be done anywhere, at any convenient time
The fun part!
The fun part, picture taken approximately 50 feet away...oh the wonders of digital photography
fly sUAS can be fun!
Training to fly sUAS can be fun, and sometimes a bit boring
fun escape!
‍Drones can be a fun escape!
Appears the Instructor Pilot is always talking
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Flying drones can be a fun family activity, or have business applications. A hobbyist can expect to invest anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand for a decent quality drone.   Commercial drone operators can start with a small investment of several thousand dollars and easily proceed to 5-digit expenses, i.e., $16,000+ and beyond.

While there is an age criterion for FAA-licensed commercial remote pilots, hobbyists' drone operators, and other aspiring pilots come in all ages.

~ All American Drone Services professional pilots and staff are here to help you, whichever direction you want to pursue. We offer the kind of services you have come to expect from a high caliber drone service company. Need advice, please contact me and "Just Ask..." ~

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