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The DJI manufactured Matrice M-600 Pro is a beast of a drone and would have a hard time fitting inside a regular size bathtub!  It is outfitted with an ultra-high MP taking high resolution still photography, UHD 4K+ videos, and multi-thermal RBG and Infra-Red signature camera and used for industrial, agricultural, insurance applications, search and rescue, plus other specialized missions requiring the identification of heat signatures.  Another high-intensity UHD camera is programmed.  This is an awesome autonomous flying machine and is also perfect for identifying any kind of different heat signatures for roofing insulation effectiveness, search and rescue, and any other kind of mission that requires highly specialized Infra-Red/RBG thermal color intensified photographs.


All American Drone Services also utilizes the DJI manufactured Phantom 4 small unmanned aerial system drone and is the smallest of the AADS specialized equipment, but by far very large in capability.  Like the other drones in the AADS inventory, it produces cost-effective UHD 4K videos and 1080P High MP photographs in varying formats for the type of mission best suits your particular needs.  It is primarily used for all aerial photography pertaining to residential and commercial missions, such as real estate marketing or construction sites, that require either a quick review of the mission’s subject or missions that are smaller in scope.  The Phantom 4 will not be used for missions best flown by larger or more capable sUAS aircraft.  Regardless of the drone to be utilized, AADS has multiple options to fly the best sUAS that will be specifically tailored and designed to fit your request.




The Yuneec (pronounced “unique”) H-920 Plus Tornado is a "heavy-lift" sUAS and made of carbon fiber.  It is another beast of an sUAS drone, and similar in size to the Matrice M-600 Pro.  It is also used for a variety of aerial missions and has a stabilized camera with zoom capabilities.  The camera produces clearly focused still and videographic images using various formats and video frame speeds for quick-time, real-time, or variable speed slow-motion videos.

The H-920 has the ability to take digital photographs at a far-away distance and using the variable zoom feature, makes the pictures or videos look much closer than they appear!  Further cropping of the digital photograph makes the drone appear within feet of the subject while shooting at a distance of multiple hundreds of feet away!

This drone has a stabilized camera and is perfect for a wide assortment of aerial missions, including communication towers, water towers, and bridge/infrastructure inspections…plus all other “high-risk inspections” that require close up photographs for inspection, routine or emergency maintenance and preventative maintenance determinations.



This is NOT a sUAS drone, although it certainly looks beyond high-tech and ready to fly!

This equipment is a stabilized camera platform and utilized by All American Drone Services for producing virtual tours inside structures or anywhere else, i.e., for the real estate and commercial advertising markets.  There are many uses for this type of handheld stabilized equipment.  The device is used to produce smooth ground 4K videography and produces a video that seems to float from one room to another.  The ProAction controls the camera and gimbal from the Tornado H-920 Plus using thumb controls and capable of taking 1080P still photographs of varying formats and 4K videos.  As in all AADS cameras, including our Nikon SLR, recordings and photographs are captured by an internal rapid speed 1080P and 4K+ UHD/SD card.

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