‍Guns and crew chief (center), I'm on the right, c. Quang Tri

As the owner of All American Drone Services, my professional background begins when I graduated from Leon High School (Tallahassee, Fl.) in 1966, and a few months later, enlisted into the Marine Corps. I served 4 years in Marine aviation; volunteered and served 2 tours in Vietnam (1968-1970) in squadron Operations (S-3) and Intelligence (S-2). I was my squadron's NCOIC for flight/intel operations in Vietnam.

I was promoted to sergeant "E-5" quickly (just over 2 years) and as a military-trained Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC - think: HAZMAT) weapons, and operations Instructor, I also served as my squadron/group NBC Instructor, before, during and after Vietnam.

Guns and crew chief (center), I'm on the right, c. Quang Tri, South Vietnam

I am familiar with the worst possible cases of "HAZMAT" episodes, and accident investigations. I received other recognitions and awards and earned an Honorable Discharge after completing 4 years of active duty military service - and serving 2 additional years as an "Inactive USMC Reserve."  

‍After USMC service, I built a successful show horse stable for the quarter and thoroughbred horses, competing in open jumper and hunter classes, USCTA combined training, and etc. Concurrent with traveling throughout the south, successfully competing in horse shows, I worked as a carpenter building homes and apartment buildings while also going to college. During this period, I graduated from both the University of Florida (BA) and Florida State University (MS), thanks in large part to the GI Bill. I viewed going to college as a full-time job, along with all my other activities.

‍After accepting an engineering position in 1980 with the State of Florida, I bought an airplane and received my first FAA-issued pilot's license the same year, and later added other FAA certificates and ratings.

In-flight, somewhere around Dong Ha, South Vietnam

"Long rifle" riding shotgun with Navy PCF, conducting H&I, Coastal Inlet Areas, Northern IV Corps, South Vietnam

I have been taking aerial and ground-based photographs since 1984 - which is when I incorporated "Stuart Aviation & Photographic Services, Inc." I started one of the first, if not the first, companies that provided high quality large and medium format aerial and ground photography in the north Florida area, and throughout the south. The local FAA knew "Stuart Aviation" simply as "Photo 1," while providing block altitudes at specified locations for aerial missions. Prior to "911," flying, in general, was less restrictive... and more accommodating. Those days are long gone and now every pilot must be aware of all licensing requirements, flight rules, and regulations, regardless of the type sUAS or manned aircraft flown.

Very early morning flying (look, no bugs covering windscreen) in my AT-602 turbine powered "office"

Thinking of Agriculture? Want to know more? "Just Ask..." I have experience flying various types and scopes of manned and unmanned (sUAS) aerial missions, including aircraft ferry and maintenance test flights. I am an experienced licensed Aerial Applicator (a.k.a. crop duster) flying PT-6 (turbine: Air Tractor, Thrush), and numerous other radial and piston engine "ag" aircraft in the US and Canada.

‍There is nothing like flying a crop duster aircraft through a misty morning layer of ground scud, while enduring the deafening roar of a big radial engine, - or listening to the high pitch whine of a turbine engine carrying several tons of product - while flying only a few feet above the ground. In addition to spraying chemicals or dropping  solid fertilizer, did you know crop dusters also apply fish food and crawfish food to lakes and ponds using "spreaders?"

~ Bugs covering windshield after one load ~ Pilot's job to clean while ground crew reloads aircraft ....

Airplane is a turbine powered, single seat, Air Tractor  AT-602

I retired early as an Administrator from the state government to pursue full-time flying and real estate activities, and have remained current and active with both endeavors. In addition to my FAA certifications, as noted above, I became a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker in 1992 (Owner/Broker ~ Buy Florida Realty) to help support my flying addictions...yes, flying any type of aircraft, including sUAS, becomes an incurable disease!

‍My masters' degree is in Urban and Regional Planning (i.e. growth and development), with a specialty in Environmental Science. I truly understand the conflicts and demands confronting both the private and public sectors, especially all kinds of industry, development, agriculture, HAZMAT, etc. - better than many others. I had the highest security clearance and authorizations while in the Marine Corps, and strict privacy and confidentiality have always been an integral part of my business operations. Need a private consultation or discrete mission was flown?  "Just Ask..." I retired in mid-2020 from working natural disasters for the federal government's Small Business Administration as a "LV Cadre."  Because of my vast real estate and construction experience, I was a team leader serving owners of all types of residential and commercial properties throughout the United States, including Florida, Louisiana and Puerto Rico that suffered damages caused by all categories of natural disasters, including wild fires.

Let's work together as a TEAM and I will assist you with all your Drone or Real Estate activities.

I have flown throughout the United States, Bahamas, and Canada. I am an FAA licensed Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Commercial Remote Pilot, an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and an FAA licensed Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot for different types of "manned" multi-engine and single-engine aircraft. I am a former aircraft appraiser and available to teach flying sUAS drone aircraft or manned aircraft. "Just Ask..."

‍I have personally owned 2 aircraft (a 4 passenger PA-28 Warrior and a 6 passenger PA-32RT300 Lance) and recognize the importance of safety, respect for personal property & privacy, and the importance of good preventative maintenance, among other lessons aircraft owners confront. Using my 6 passenger Lance, I flew voluntary shuttle missions ferrying concerned parents, siblings, or relatives to and from southern or central Florida, during several natural disaster events, including Andrew.


All American Drone Services owns several high-tech and very capable drones, with another under development. As a current FAA licensed commercial pilot, AADS also has rental access to a variety of manned aircraft.

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1,000-year summer flood aftermath; was told the top of the roof was 10 feet underwater! December 2016 - SBA Response Team - Denham Springs, Louisiana

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