Welcome to All American Drone Services, LLC. While this is a new website, As Chief Pilot, you will learn from this webpage that I am not new to a professional photographer or aerial photography. We are a Vietnam Veteran owned company, and we encourage other All American Veterans to join our company. We provide rewarding on-the-job training to assure successful transition into the company culture to provide professional services, no matter the mission, to our clients.

More information is available in the "About" section  page of this website, and by writing to "Just Ask..."


All American Drone Services (AADS) is a skilled company that will successfully perform the kind and type of aerial missions you want, whether it is a planned, scheduled function or responding to an unplanned emergency.

Below, you will find a sketch of our small* unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) services. (*All of our unmanned aircraft weigh under 55 pounds, as required by FAA regulations). All American Drone Services uses only FAA licensed commercial remote pilots who are highly skilled, trained and ready to successfully complete your aerial missions, flying either sUAS aircraft or larger "manned" aircraft to complete your individually designed project

Also, see "SERVICES" ~~ and see below for s‍UAS Suggested Drone Uses, ~~ or Your Own Ideas!

‍One of several AADS drones

Ground level or Low altitude (under 400 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) unless waivered) aerials and ProAction stabilized ground photography using a variety of photographic High Megapixel (HMP) still formats and Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) variable frame speed video motion speeds. Specialty areas available include HMP/UHD and Infra-Red RGB thermal spectrometry.


Suggested uses for All American Drone Services sUAS are noted below, and will also include our client's own designed specified types of aerial missions, designs, and scope of work.

We Also Hire and Train Veterans!

We are Hiring Licensed Drone Pilots (We train you!) and Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent Associates (Great Splits)!


Don's Certifications: 


FAA Certified Flight Instructor and
FAA Multi- and Single- Engine Commercial Pilot 
Licensed Aerial Applicator (Crop Duster)
FAA Certificated Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilot (sUAS)
and Drone Instructor 

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What we do

Any, Industrial, Rail, Bridges, Pipeline, Electrical Transmission Power Lines
  • CONSTRUCTION: Residential, Commercial, Roof Inspections, Financial Draw Verifications, Project Site Planning, Stage Development, Materials Inventory and Management, Site Evaluations
  • HAZMAT: Spills and Response Planning, Remote Inspections without Human Involvement, Progress Reviews

  • ‍EVENTS: Any Special Event, Sporting, Weddings, Car Shows, Social/Political/Religious Retreats, Family Reunions


  • SEARCH and RESCUE: Emergency Response, Episode Evaluations,


Tower,  Power Line Inspections, Mono-Pole and Standing Structures


  • INSURANCE: Loss Determinations and Verifications, Before and After Documentation, Disaster, and Loss Verification

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Any, WasteWater Treatment, Settling Ponds, Construction, Road Improvement, Stripping, Power Line

  • MARKETING: Business, Real Estate, Sales Presentations, Advertising, Product Uses


  • ‍LEGAL: Any, Accident Investigations, Analysis and Reconstruction, Damage Assessment

  • TRANSPORTATION: Any, Rail, Trucking, Spills, HAZMAT Episodes, Vessels and Boating, Air, Traffic Counts, Level of Service (LOS) Determinations, Traffic Flow and Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Analysis, Environmental, etc.

(Wide range of Farm and Ranch uses to include):  Crop Verifications, Moisture, Mapping, Insurance, Timber, Livestock Monitoring and Health, Survey

Phone: (850) 942-1040 (Leave a message if no answer) Email: allamericandroneservices@gmail.com

Let's meet, tell us what you need, and the AADS Team will produce it!   

‍All American Drone Services will honor all competitor's bonified written estimates, and we will likely exceed their scope of work in the process. AADS prices will vary depending on the aerial mission's focus, and location.

Call or email me to set up a meeting to develop your custom project. "Just Ask..."

We Fly The Aerial Missions You Want!

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